A Strong Defense Against Domestic Violence Accusations

Allegations of domestic violence often arise out of emotionally turbulent family situations, and the criminal charges that stem from a domestic violence situation can be costly.

Strong Defense On Multiple Fronts

At Weinstock & Associates, we provide aggressive criminal defense for clients accused of violence against their partners, spouses or children. Atlantic County domestic violence attorney Ed Weinstock brings his extensive trial experience — gained from working as both a defense lawyer and a former prosecutor — to help his clients protect their rights and future.

We provide the strong and confidential representation needed to safeguard you from the serious consequences of a domestic violence-related conviction. Call us at 609-277-3639 or 800-526-5621 toll free today.

Comprehensive Representation In Civil And Criminal Court

Many domestic violence charges arise out of highly contested divorce cases, where one spouse may use domestic abuse as a means of gaining leverage over children or property. The New Jersey Family Court has its own process for resolving domestic violence situations, which can include the use of a temporary restraining order (TRO). A TRO has several significant effects, including:

  • Preventing you from living at or visiting your home
  • Barring you from contacting your partner or spouse by any means, including by phone, text, email or social media
  • Limiting your custody and visitation rights

Following your domestic violence hearing in family court, these effects may become permanent through a final restraining order (FRO). Any violations of either the TRO or FRO could result in contempt, which carries a mandatory 30-day prison sentence.

Therefore, Mr. Weinstock will work not only to defend your rights in criminal court against harassment or assault charges, but also to fight a restraining order in family court. He will apply the same diligent, thorough and tenacious representation in both arenas to protect your rights on multiple fronts.

Call Us If You've Been Accused Of Domestic Violence

An accusation of domestic violence can quickly spiral out of control. Put an attorney on your side who will work tirelessly to sort through the complexities and achieve optimum results for you. Contact our firm in Atlantic City by calling 609-277-3639 or 800-526-5621 toll free for a free initial consultation.