Atlantic County Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers

The New Jersey Superior Court aggressively prosecutes those accused of violent crimes such as sexual assault, murder, robbery and others. To protect your rights — not to mention your reputation — you need equally aggressive criminal defense.

Serious Defense Against Serious Charges

As a former prosecutor for Union County, attorney Ed Weinstock of Weinstock & Associates has the demonstrated trial experience needed to defend your rights against serious violent crimes. Taking a detail-oriented yet comprehensive approach, he will take every opportunity to suppress evidence illegally obtained and minimize the overall effect of the criminal process on your life.

We understand the serious and perhaps lifelong impact a conviction can have. Our attorney aggressively defends your rights and future. Contact us at 609-277-3639 or 800-526-5621 toll free for a free consultation.

Put Your Trust In An Experienced Violent Crime Defense Lawyer

Not every criminal defense attorney has the necessary experience to manage the complexities of a murder trial or other serious violent crimes case. In addition to his experience as a prosecutor, Mr. Weinstock has also worked for some of the most prestigious law firms in New Jersey. There, he gained valuable insight in preparing complex cases as well as hands-on experience in handling tough cases alongside of some of New Jersey's elite lawyers.

Today, he brings that experience and dedication to protect his clients' rights, reputations and future against the serious consequences of conviction. He is not afraid to take on even the most serious of cases, and has built a reputation for his superior handling of murder charges. His experience includes:

  • Criminal harassment
  • Assault and aggravated assault
  • Robbery
  • Charges arising from domestic violence accusations
  • Sexual assault and aggravated sexual assault
  • Manslaughter
  • Homicide
  • Vehicular manslaughter

Contact A Pleasantville Homicide Defense Attorney Who Has Your Back

Those accused of violent crimes often feel like the cards are stacked against them. However, you have the right to a fair trial and experienced counsel. We zealously protect those rights, and seek the best possible outcome for you. Contact us by calling 609-277-3639 or 800-526-5621 toll free to schedule a free initial consultation with our Atlantic City violent crimes defense attorney.