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2 New Jersey police officers charged with DUI

Two police officers from Gloucester Township are facing serious but separate charges after being suspected of driving under the influence, according to local sources. The New Jersey officers, aged 29 and 28, have both been arrested for DUI as a result of separate incidents back on July 18. Both officers have been placed on paid leave while an investigation is conducted into their alleged activities. 

According to the report filed in Gloucester Township, the 29-year-old was arrested after he allegedly struck a pedestrian around 8 p.m. before striking a parked car. He was given a field sobriety test, which he reportedly failed, and he refused to submit to a breath test. The pedestrian was hospitalized for complaints of back and head pain. 

New law could work wonders in preventing DWIs

It’s no secret that driving while intoxicated can come with punishment. Besides carrying around the stigma, convicted offenders must deal with expensive fines and marks on their records. And while first time offenders deal with a significant burden, punishment for repeat offenses gets much worse. It’s a lot harder to be sympathetic to someone who’s learned their lesson and continues to break the law. First time offenders may even take time to sober up before hitting the road, and still be pulled over.

Regardless of what the situation is, there is hope for the prevention of these DWIs. Recently, New Jersey governor Phil Murphy signed a bill into law that will cut down on these repeated offenses. It’s all thanks to a device called the ignition interlock.

Nearly 50 people charged in connection with drug distribution

A huge anti-drug operation in Newark has resulted in the arrests of dozens of people and the recovery of a massive amount of drugs and cash, according to local sources. New Jersey authorities have arrested and/or charged 47 people with a variety of crimes, including drug distribution. Many of those individuals have been apprehended, while several remain at large. Court dates for the incarcerated individuals have not been announced. 

The details of the eight-month investigation, dubbed Operation Short Storm, have not been made public, but it has been confirmed that the drug ring was widespread throughout Essex County. The operation itself centered on the Monroe Street Social Club, where the operation is believed to have been headed up. Dozens of search warrants were executed in the course of Short Storm, resulting in the arrests of 31 people and charges for 16 more. 

New Jersey woman charged with drunk driving

A woman in Chatham is facing criminal charges following a car accident on Aug. 2 that police believe was predicated on intoxication. New Jersey authorities in Chatham Boro arrested her on suspicion of drunk driving after the accident. She was released into the care of a family member pending a court appearance, which has not yet been formally booked. It is unknown if she is represented by a defense attorney at this time. 

Authorities did not elaborate on the exact nature of the car accident other than to say they responded to reports of a motor vehicle crash involving two cars, one of which was driven by a 43-year-old Livingston resident. Officers interviewing her at the crash site said they had reason to believe she may be intoxicated, and so administered field balance tests. It appears she failed these tests as she was arrested and taken to the Madison Police Department. 

1 dead, 1 charged with DUI in boating accident

A 24-year-old man who reportedly fell off a pontoon boat in Lake Hopatcong was found drowned in the lake on Aug. 5, and the man driving the boat is under arrest. New Jersey authorities have charged the 24-year-old boat driver with DUI in connection with the death, which reportedly occurred the night of Aug. 3. He is currently not in police custody, and no court date has yet been reported. 

According to the information provided in the report, the 24-year-old fell off the boat around 7:40 p.m. It is unclear what action the boat driver took, but authorities were alerted and a search was initiated sometime later. Unfortunately, the search had to be called off for the night due to lightning strikes in the area and poor visibility. The search resumed the following morning with rescue boats, helicopters and TEAMS units from the New Jersey State Police.

Baseball legend arrested for drugged driving in New Jersey

A former World Series champion with a history of drug and alcohol problems has been arrested and charged, according to local sources. Dwight "Doc" Gooden, a pitching star for the Amazin' Mets of 1986 World Series fame, was arrested in New Jersey for cocaine possession and drugged driving. He was slated to make his first appearance in court on July 23.

According to the arrest record, the 54-year-old former MLB star was pulled over in Holmdel on June 7 after officers on the scene say they noticed him driving well under the speed limit. The report goes on to say police found two green baggies allegedly containing cocaine, but no mention was made of the process that led to a search of the man or his vehicle. There was also no mention in the report of why police believed him to be driving under the influence. 

Impact of a drug conviction

Drug convictions can take a significant toll on your life. The penalties for your arrest may include prison time or a significant fine. Unfortunately, the impact of a drug conviction does not necessarily end there.

Your arrest for possession or intent to distribute can follow you long after you have already served your time. The mistake you made could affect your ability to do things you took for granted in the past. It could also hinder you your ability to accomplish your goals. Simply put, a drug conviction has the potential to put a significant damper on your daily life.

County sheriff's officer facing drunk driving charges

An officer of the sheriff's office in Bergen County is facing serious charges after he was pulled over for allegedly driving while intoxicated, according to police sources. The officer was set to appear in a Secaucus, New Jersey, court room on July 9 to face the drunk driving charges of which he is accused. If he is found guilty, he could lose his position with the sheriff's department permanently and face potential jail time. 

According to the account, the 24-year-old officer was allegedly drunk on June 20 when he became involved in an altercation with another individual. That individual alleges the officer forcefully restrained him and requested that his father place his hands on the hood of his car. The officer was apparently off-duty when this occurred around 11:35 p.m. 

New Jersey man faces DUI charges

A man from Belmar is facing criminal charges after allegedly causing a car accident, according to local police. Authorities in New Jersey arrested the 29-year-old man after he apparently crashed his car on the morning of June 12. He now faces DUI charges as well as other charges pertaining to the crash. He was taken to a county jail, but no trial date has been set. 

According to the report, around 8:30 a.m. the man was driving his SUV westbound when he allegedly ran a red light. His vehicle hit the light stanchion before overturning. His vehicle then struck a minivan driven by a 45-year-old man. Thankfully the other driver was not hurt. 

New Jersey police charge teacher with DUI

Police recently arrested a New Jersey woman after she allegedly caused a single-vehicle crash. Regarding the DUI charge, authorities claim that the woman drove her vehicle into a pizza shop while under the influence of alcohol. One person was possibly injured in the wreck, although that was subject to a full medical evaluation.

On May 3, 2019, security video shows the 34-year-old elementary school teacher's vehicle crashing through the front of a small pizza restaurant. No customers were in the building at the time, but the owner was sitting by the front window and there were also two employees standing behind the counter where the register was located. Neither of the employees by the register was injured. The driver exited the vehicle immediately and one of the workers asked whether she was on any type of medication, to which she supposedly responded that she was not.

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