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Massive drug distribution bust in New Jersey

Some 25 people have been arrested and a manhunt is underway for a further four individuals, in what state law enforcement is calling "Operation Transformer." The operation headed by New Jersey authorities and encompassing several counties has been underway since late October. All individuals arrested and being sought are facing drug distribution charges pertaining to an alleged heroin ring operating in North and Central Jersey. 

Nearly 50 people charged in connection with drug distribution

A huge anti-drug operation in Newark has resulted in the arrests of dozens of people and the recovery of a massive amount of drugs and cash, according to local sources. New Jersey authorities have arrested and/or charged 47 people with a variety of crimes, including drug distribution. Many of those individuals have been apprehended, while several remain at large. Court dates for the incarcerated individuals have not been announced. 

What does "schedule" mean in a drug possession charge?

Drugs are classified into five groups or schedules based on their potential for abuse or dependency and whether or not they have any legitimate medical use. When someone receives a drug possession charge in New Jersey the drug's schedule is specified. Schedule I drugs are considered the most dangerous because they have the highest potential for abuse, possibly causing both physical and psychological dependence. They have no known medical benefits. Examples of Schedule I drugs are heroin, peyote and ecstasy.

Grandparents arrested for drug possession with intent to sell

When most people think of grandparents they think of baking cookies, going fishing or playing catch. Most don't associate grandparents with drug deals, forged prescriptions and arrest records. Police say one New Jersey couple, however, traded their fishing pole and apron for painkillers and handcuffs. The grandparents were arrested recently following a raid on their home. They were charged with a variety of crimes, including drug possession with intent to sell.

Pediatric gastroenterologist faces drug distribution charges

Choosing a pediatrician is one of the most carefully considered decisions parents make. Parents put an enormous amount of trust in their children's doctors, because they literally put the children's lives in their hands. A parent likes to think the pediatrician he or she chose for his or her child is trustworthy, competent and well-educated. It is almost unthinkable for a pediatrician to be involved in drug activity, but one New Jersey doctor was recently arrested for drug distribution.

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